Two sorts of karaoke

So this weekend just gone, we finally had the “wedding party” – a karaoke party. Knickers actually had a karaoke party the weekend before for his birthday, the copycat, but it’s ok as his mates all live in Osaka -plus there can never be enough karaoke in Japan. For K’s, we went to Osaka and he had it in this massive place called Aria Blu which is dead swanky in the middle of town.

They have lots of ‘party rooms’ there and we were in the one called ‘disco saloon’ which had leopard skin walls, revolving disco balls all over the ceiling and a stage!!!! There’s also a costume room and a spa room there. There were about 20 people who went, and k had booked the room from 11pm to 5am with ‘all you can drink’ so we just kept phoning the waiter for more and more was fab. It costs about £15 per person at that time, cheap as ten as I think everyone drank at least that.

So this saturday was our party, also a karaoke party but a more contrasting setting could not be imagined. We had it in the local shop/ izakaya (a sort of tiny pub cafe) / karaoke room. In the middle of our village there is one old guy who has a shop selling beer etc. It’s a very traditional, wooden sort of Japanese building (like the temple-style buildings they have here with ornate rooves). One day S & I went there in the evening to buy some beer or something, and the old guy came out of the back and beckoned us inside. Mystified, we followed him into a dark passageway and then into a surprise secret karaoke parlour he has built on the back of the shop! It’s very old fashioned, with old Japanese posters (probably from before the war) and bamboo on the walls, with a strange old karaoke machine that you put money in a slot on the side of it. But it’s actually quite a big room, with stools and tables and stuff, and we thought perfect for a party, which it WAS. I even organised a small buffet! It felt a bit like a family wedding party, we had some guests from America, New Zealand, Ireland, England and Japan. I love that – guests from 4 continents. Everyone got wasted and sang and even danced – all in the middle of the day (haha! there’s never any natural light in these places so it always feels like evening anyway). Only one plate got smashed and there was even the cutest 3 year old Japanese girl dancing.. Cunningly, I didn’t “open” the buffet until 2 hours after the party had started, and the old man had served everyone at least 3 beers etc. I discovered the secret of a good party… the other secret is to kick everyone out while they are still enjoying it…I like to think that everyone was disappointed that they had to go, haha! in fact they went out somewhere after. K, S & I stayed in the place with the old guys and some Japanese people we knew for the second party (that’s what they call it here) – which meant drinking more wine, sake, getting extremely drunk with the odd song (one which K sang whilst sitting on the shoulders of a -very strong – 70 year old man and being walked round the room, how I WISH I’d got a photo of that) then back to mine for food when certain people could no longer stand up (not me. Brain was still riding her bike! As old men say, “very strong!” – ie, I can drink lots of alcohol)


The next day we went to a BBQ with the old men which we had agreed to the night before in a drunken haze. It was actually OK, with everyone sitting in one of the guy’s yard, on tatami, round a meat grill on the floor and eating lots of meat plus weird stuff like octopus and liver. As soon as we got there we were each given a pint of beer, a glass of wine and a glass of sake. I don’t know why this is, but Japanese people always seem to give the guests at least 3 drinks concurrently. maybe it’s supposed to be polite or something. You can also smoke all the way through the meal and nobody ever thinks its rude. Me and Knickers of course love this.

We were the youngest people there and I was the only female. The next youngest was our friend Mr T who is 46. The oldest was about 81. Old people in Japan are so different from old people in England though. It’s like they worked hard all their lives and now they are retired they want to have parties everyday. Plus these guys were all probably fitter than me as they are like farmers or something (it’s pretty common to see 90 year olds on bikes going like the clappers). Old people and small babies here – you never see them with walking aids. They’re all small and wry – running about like Madam Gau from Raise the Red Lantern. God knows how old the ACTUAL decrepit ones you sometimes see are – probably about 120. I like them althouh they do tend to ask questions like “baby – when?” whilst pointing at my stomach; when I say “not yet” they say “yes! make babies! many sons!” Actually not all of them say that but the ones that do also think “ladies first” is a hilarious concept. They pour my drinks first and chuckle to themselves – “ladies first!” Then tell us, “in Japan, it is NEVER ladies first!”

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