Wet weather

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sound – the thrum and trickle of rain falling on the balcony outside the apartment window. The temperature had fallen to 27 and outside, the mountains on the horizon were swaddled in a duvet of mist. Does this mean the back of the sauna summer has been broken? I hope so… for the first time since late June, there’s no need for fans or air-con today.

I must admit to a prejudice in favour of wet weather – it’s my favourite kind. I love the rain. All kinds of rain. From the fine drizzle that’s more like a damp coat to the lashings of hurled water that accompany a thunderstorm. When I was a kid I used to sit with my legs dangling out the bedroom window, getting my toes wet and watching the night sky light up. In my opinion, almost any landscape is transfigured and improved by the rain.

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