4th (Tuesday?) Random Five Facts About Japan

Well, it’s only taken four weeks to get wildly off schedule with these ‘Tuesday’ posts. What can I say? On Tuesday itself I was sitting watching series 1 & 2 of Band of Gold with Knickers.

1. There is a fashion for really thin or shaved eyebrows, especially on teenage boys. You can buy special tiny razors just for this purpose. The cultural cues I’d learnt in Liverpool meant that when I first got here I was thinking that there were loads of boys that did drag at night.

2. The washing machines here all use cold water only. I was still sorting colours from whites until S asked me, “Why’re you doing that?”

3. In the local off-licence/cash and carry drinks place, they always have free samples of drinks for customers to try, just lined up by the shelves with little plastic beakers. It’s like Asda, only for alcohol. I sometimes arrange to meet people in there for a ‘little lifter.’*

4. One of the local parks has a small monkey cage, with five sad monkeys in it staring disconsolately at the lack of visitors. It’s quite an upsetting place.

5. On the bright side, it’s not like monkeys are always exploited in this way. Indeed, if they are industrious, they can rise to glorious heights: TV presenting, perhaps, or dog-training.

*Yes, they are real people. And no, Knickers, it is NOT Des from Band of Gold.


2 responses to “4th (Tuesday?) Random Five Facts About Japan

  1. ahhhh im so sorry no one has commented you! im going to read all of these tuesday lists! very intersting!!! wow, the doors close by themselves, huh? didnt know that….hm…sadly, i do know about the shaved eyebrows -mine wont grow bac right without looking weird! ah! disaster! i dont recommend it unless your planning on staying visual all your life-

  2. Hi Tokkki
    Do you live in Jp? I wondered if the taxis are all like that or if only some of them have doors which close themselves.
    I don’t update this blog anymore, since I was too lazy…once my bf s started to keep one about Japan (see At the Hop in links sidebar) I almost never wrote about Japan, since it was only really to have as a memory for my own future. So there are only 5 random tuesdays..

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