A message for my blog “partner”

I know I haven’t updated in a while (as opposed to S, who seems to have the ability to blog whilst asleep) but I have been quite busy. Also lazy.

But not as lazy as Knickers! Yes, knickers, I am publicly rebuking you: it is now almost 1 year  since you said you were going to write a series of hilarious guides to gay dating in Osaka’s nether regions. Amongst other things. We have had the conversations, the experiences, sang the karaoke, destroyed the photos, I have even seen your notes for the write up but I, and the rest of the world, are still waiting. Spare a thought for those coming after you! We wouldn’t want them to fall, unwary, into the traps waiting for them at Physique, amongst other places…would we?

One response to “A message for my blog “partner”

  1. I don’t know if I ever said they would be ‘hilarious’ but yes, I admit, I am a lazy, lazy bitch when it comes to writing blogs (when it comes to anything for that matter). S puts us all to shame with his 37 posts a day.

    I won’t promise anything but I will try to write something soon. The Gay Dating will be first out and then I might blog about Racism in Japan through the eyes of my high school students (I found all of their essays so will do a round-up of the best bits).

    Anyway, I’ll get to it during Golden Week after this public shaming…

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