You hear a lot about the falling birthrate in Japan (“birthrate in crisis! Selfish women refusing to have babies!”) even though I don’t see the evidence here in my village. Well maybe: there’s definitely 10 pensioners to every 1 ankle biter. ..

Still, as Knickers pointed out to me the other day, the fact that Japanese women aren’t having kids, or more than one kid, is maybe a pretty logical response to the fact that they aren’t usually given the option of ANY pain relief during childbirth. Oh, and episiotomy is still done as a matter of course.

3 responses to “Ouch

  1. I think articles like this also reveal a few worrying things about Japanese marriage.


  2. Hmm. I can’t criticise those guys for taking responsibility, though.

  3. That article’s capturing the essence of the typical Japanese (pseudo)-marriage/family so well. I don’t judge all couples/families but most of the marriages in Japan seem to be lacking love… no wonder so much is going wrong in this country.

    It’s true we can’t criticise those are in the “Chauvinistic Husbands” group but the overwhelming majority are not… something needs to be radically changed, love needs to be valued more!

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